In-depth principles on Designing Bamboo


A lot has been written and said about bamboo and how regenerative and promising it is but not much has been shared on the hows and whys of the bamboo building design process, the particular differences from other materials, its strengths and also its pitfalls. As more bamboo buildings emerge many recurring mistakes and oversights also emerge that could be avoided by more thoughtful design.


In this 5- Day Designing Bamboo Building course you will learn not only the design fundamentals and why bamboo is very different from construction materials like, steel or timber but also the specifics ways of putting together a bamboo building, the structural and materials palettes available, drawings and modelling methods, jointing systems practiced and skills required. This course will showcase bioclimatic principles and ‘passive’ design, the design and build aspects of site identification, from early inception design to completion and maintenance.

Who is this course for?


The workshop is open to anyone aged 18+, architects, designers, builders, property developers, consultants, and also bamboo advocates and enthusiasts who want to get a more in depth, comprehensive knowledge on the principles for Designing Bamboo Buildings..



What you will learn:

  • Bamboo building design principles
  • Bamboo design process from design to completion and maintenance
  • Making foundations for bamboo buildings 
  • Bamboo treatment 

  • Carpentry and Joinery methods

  • Model making for different stages of project development

  • Make scaled templates of different structural systems

Curriculum Outline



Learn about bamboo design with bamboo. In this course participants will learn about the principles of designing with bamboo, including protection by design. You will engage in working in scaled templates of different structural systems. We will use bamboo from the early stages of the design process, making scaled models using handcrafted bamboo sticks until using bamboo poles, bamboo splits, flatten bamboo among others bamboo materials.



Bamboo model making is an art at the very core of our building process, and the models are generally used as on site blueprints for full scale structures. Models made out of small bamboo sticks allow us to explore the ways in which bamboo “wishes to be used”. We will take you through a series of applied workshops where you will learn how to follow a design process taking you into a conversation with the material itself.



To understand bamboo, you have to understand how it grows and how to preserve it for long term use. During the guided tour through the factory, we will show you how we receive the bamboo from the farmers, the different bamboo species that we use and their applications, and how we treat and process bamboo for construction and furniture making.



During the course you will be shown different carpentry and joinery methods used in construction buildings.



Learn about the physical and mechanical properties of bamboo and how it wants to behave.

Discover why bamboo is often compared with steel, concrete and timber in terms of technical properties and why it is called ‘the sustainable material of the future’.

About the Facilitator


Ewe Jin comes from a career in conventional architecture in England, Malaysia and Australia. His involvement in bamboo in the past 5 years has inspired him to become an advocate of bamboo and renewable natural materials.  He is on a journey to prepare a Bamboo Building Design Manual and this workshop snap-shots some of his ongoing work. The workshop content will be based on Ewe Jin's bamboo design and construction experience working internationally with Ibuku previously as Lead Architect and more recently independently on his own projects in the Asia Pacific region.




We offer two types of accommodation to participants during our courses.

  • Shared accommodation in Bamboo Lodge (Shared Communal Dorm) / Included in the course fee
  • Private accommodation in Private Yurts  (your own private bedroom, twin size bed) / $150 per Yurt for the course duration

Upgrades can be done after the booking process, following the instructions sent to you email or contact us via our help desk if you have any questions.


All meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, are included during the course. 

Bamboo Lodge. Shared accommodation

Private Yurts. Private accommodation

When are the courses?


What are you waiting for? Become the next bamboo architect! 

JANUARY 11 - 16, 2021



Normal Price $1,000.00

$900.00 Early Bird Price

Ends on 11st December, 2020

APRIL 05 - 10, 2021



Normal Price $1,000.00

$900.00 Early Bird Price

Ends on 5th March, 2021

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