We are an education enterprise that has grown out of the centre of the world’s bamboo building movement in Bali, Indonesia. 

Together with renowned design firm IBUKU and just two mins from the all bamboo campus at Green School Bali, we have been pioneering bamboo architecture for 10+ years, and we are now sharing everything we know about bamboo design and sustainable architecture. 


Recently, we moved our bamboo courses online and continue to build the bridge between creative innovation, eco-building and bamboo design. We are here to continue to grow the bamboo movement and give you the knowledge and skills to build your own bamboo structures.




What started out as a passion for sustainability quickly evolved into us opening a permaculture farm called- The Kul Kul Farm, next door to the Green School in Bali, Indonesia. We ran courses and workshops on growing organic vegetables, making compost, herbal medicine, natural dyes and eventually, with an encouraging nudge from Orin’s dad John, bamboo! We knew there was a growing interest in bamboo architecture but, perhaps, because we were sitting too close to it- we did’t quite realise that a bamboo movement had begun, and we were at the center of it! 



After we opened our farm doors to our first cohort of bamboo enthusiasts, we realised that in order to have the greatest impact, we needed to make use of the breakthroughs being made in sustainable architecture and design in our own backyard. The world was ready and hungry for the knowledge, skill and inspiration to design homes and spaces connected to nature. With the single most sustainable building material in the world: bamboo! 


In collaboration with IBUKU we created Bamboo U; an education enterprise to share the knowledge that had been built over the past decade in bamboo construction, sustainable design and eco architecture. 


Fast forward 900 students, 30 unique bamboo structures and a pandemic later, we are now operating online and have launched two offerings that are available from anywhere in the world: The Bamboo U Online Immersion and The Online Bamboo Model Making Course. Although the borders to enter Bali are still closed, we look forward to hosting-in-person, hands-on bamboo building courses soon!


Bamboo U is more than just about bamboo for us, its about bringing people together to work with their hands and do something positive for our planet. We believe that we have the responsibility to share what we’ve created here, to inspire and to show you that you can do it too! 


Orin Hardy & Maria Farrugia 


Orin Hardy


Maria Farrugia


Sai Goutham

Research & Development Manager 

Epin Kaban


I Wayan Kartana

Housekeeping & Carpenter

I Gusti Putu Asmara Jaya

Bamboo Carpenter

I Made Suryana

Bamboo Carpenter

I Ketut Darmadi

Bamboo Carpenter

I Putu Juliadi

Bamboo Carpenter

Anak Agung Ayu Trisnawati



Bi weekly guides and content created for the aspiring bamboo designer, architect and creative in mind. Including special discounts,  scholarships, apprenticeships and work opportunities.


In the 1980s, Linda Garland and the Environmental Bamboo Foundation pioneered the bamboo movement by innovating safe treatment solutions that transformed bamboo from a grass into a durable product. Linda’s vision inspired John Hardy to encourage a greater interest in bamboo. He soon came to regard this giant wild grass as the future of sustainable building. In 2007, together with his wife Cynthia Hardy, John gathered a team to design and build the Green School in Bali. In 2010, Elora Hardy, John’s daughter, returned to Bali to continue the evolution of bamboo design under the name IBUKU. Together she and her team of talented Indonesian designers and architects have built over 100 unique bamboo structures in Bali and abroad. Today, we are honored to be able to share the innovations and breakthroughs made over the last decade in sustainable architecture and bamboo construction with the world via Bamboo U.






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